Eat Well, Live Well-Healthy Eating Workshops for secondary schools

Make healthy eating easy and enjoyable, and give students the tools, tips and confidence to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their lives.

Workshops are tailored to meet the differing needs from 1st-6th year students.
Nutrition Talk: 1 hour
Nutrition Talk + Cooking Demo: 1 hour 45 minutes


Topics Covered

1. Dispelling Food Myths
The hidden bad guys in diet drinks, low fat and low kcal foods, and the advertising that makes them sound so enticing.
2. Carbohydrates
Differences between complex and simple carbohydrates, nutrient availability of wholegrains vs. processed foods, blood sugar balance.
3. Protein
How much protein is needed in the diet, effects of high protein diets, protein and sports. Sources of protein and options for vegetarians.
4. Fats
Good fats vs. bad fats, what are Omega -3 and -6 and why are they so important. Trans fats and saturated fats-what to avoid and why.
5. Fruits and Vegetables
Importance of eating a 'rainbow' of foods, vitamins and minerals within and roles of some of these key nutrients.
6. What to Eat
Ideas for healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks.

Additional Workshop: 1 hour
Reading Food Labels
Hands on work with labels of common products. Getting to understand what's high salt, fat, sugar vs. low, how to calculate these using some common food labeling systems, and understanding some of the additives and preservatives that should be avoided.

Please contact me for more details on booking, student numbers and workshop cost.