corporate workshops

Make healthy eating easy and enjoyable.

Effortlessly incorporate healthy eating into your daily life. Learn how food can boost energy, help beat stress and get the tools, tips and confidence to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This is a great way to help your staff improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Corporate Packages

1. Nutrition Talk (1 Hour)

2. Nutrition Talk + Mini Consultations

Nutrition Talk Overview

1. Foods of Life: Top tips on what to eat, making it easy to get all your nutrients, along with what to avoid (sometimes you'd be surprised!)

2. Fight the Fever: How to boost your immunity and battle the bugs.

3. Effects of Stress: The impact stress has on the body, how to combat stress with food, desk drawer stress busters and sleep enhancers.

4. Dining al Desko: Tips, tricks, ideas to help you be prepared for those busy day. Ideas for breakfast, lunch, snacks and what's available in your locale.

Handouts will include: Recipes, Desk Drawer Saviours List, Shopping List with hints & tips.

Mini Consultations

To last approximately 15 minutes.

Requires meeting room to allow for confidential discussion on individual's concerns.