As a Nutritional Therapist I work with individuals to improve their health and general wellbeing through diet, nutrition and lifestlye. Assessments of current health status and potential nutritional imbalances are made through an array of tools, allowing a nutritional program to be created tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Initial consultation
1-1.5 hour, Cost 70 euro

During the initial consultation there will be a thorough review of your current health status, along with diet and lifestyle, identifying where nutritional deficiencies exist and where diet and supplementary support may be of benefit to you. Together we will determine what you would like to achieve and discuss an action plan. I will then create an individual nutritional program designed to fit your needs and goals, at a pace that works for you.

Follow-up consultations
30-45 minutes, Cost 40 euro

These sessions are a check-in to monitor your progress, and tweak your nutrition progam to ensure your goals are being met and to move you closer to your longterm objectives. Bring along your questions about food and lifestyle.
For some follow ups we may take a trip to your local shops, check out the contents of your kitchen or work with reading food labels. The consults can be tailored to fit your individual requirements to ensure you get the most out of them and to lead you on the path to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.